The Joy of Small Purpose Driven Actions

The Joy of Small Purpose Driven Actions

One of my favorite aspects about the Purpose Planner system, is that it lets me celebrate the little actions as much as the big ones. Getting my admin out the way often holds greater joy than knocking off some of the bigger weekly goals. Not because it’s more important, but because I know that it takes more effort for me to do, and in turn I feel a little prouder of myself for having done it. 

Progress is only achieved through a series of incremental action steps, that cumulatively build up to achieve any goal. So, checking off my actioned daily habits is like a little pat on the back that I can give myself for showing up and following through. Often, they are only little things that I try and do (lower back stretches or flossing twice a day) but in doing them I feel a little burst of pride that I followed through on what I promised myself I would. At the same time, when I fail to meet that standard, I do feel like I let myself down a little and try and do better the next day.

This in turns feeds my own self-belief and confidence in the process, as over time, simple repetition creates the new ‘good’ habits that I never believed I could stick to. Nothing happens overnight, but because of repeated little actions, the results will start to speak for themselves.  By respecting and celebrating the small purpose-driven actions, I find myself that little bit more in control of who I am and where I am going.   

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