Our mission at Roterunner®
is to create tools to empower you to live your most purposeful life.

The Roterunner® Purpose Planner is a passion project. The creation of a life organisation, planning and productivity tool that has simple but universal application. One that is simple to use, connected in its approach, intuitive in its application and in service of a need to reclaim control that applies to all of us.

If you were given a piece of paper and told to write down a list of things you could do better or areas of your life you would improve, would you choose to be;

  • Happier and healthier?
  • Clearer on your purpose?
  • More productive and in control of your time?

While the answer is probably yes to all the above, the challenge, of course, is in the “how”.

The Roterunner® Purpose Planner system fills that gap, guiding you to set out your life holistically, starting with mid-range goals across each important stream of your life, broken down into monthly projects and bite-sized into clearly defined weekly priorities. This connectivity creates momentum and the momentum is always driven by the desire to live a life of purpose.

The Roterunner® Purpose Planner has been designed to be that purpose partner. A structured notebook filled with your hand-writing, your plans and ultimately your personal definition of success.

We hope that should you choose to try it, the Roterunner® Purpose Planner can do its part to quietly accompany you on your unique journey, as it has done for  so many users around the world.