Partnership Planning (aka Trying to be a Better Husband)

Partnership Planning (aka Trying to be a Better Husband)

If I am honest with myself, there is much that can be done to improve my overall contribution to the effective running of our household. My wife is a busy lawyer and working mum that seems to know exactly what is going on with the kids, general household and overall life administration, meal planning, annual holidays, birthdays, dinner plans and the key updates in the lives of our friends.

So, with my cards on the table and, in my effort to grow and be a better version of myself, I came up with a simple solution. Partnership Planning. Typically, on a Sunday evening when the kids are in bed, I will ask my wife what I can do for her in the upcoming week and use this to fill out the Home & Admin section of my upcoming weekly dashboard. If I can take some of the weekly admin tasks off her shoulders and carry them out myself then I know that I have moved a little further towards my goal of sharing the load more evenly.

There are, of course, regular WhatsApp reminders in the week and a bit of procrastination when it comes to execution, but overall, I believe I have made improvements in this regard. This simple weekly exercise, has also evolved into both of us having a much clearer picture of the focus of each other’s week and enables us to proactively build in a little quality time for each outside the weekly hamster wheel.

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