Better Habits = Better Person

In my personal journey towards self-awareness, self-improvement and personal growth, one quote stands out for me. It is by Gandhi, and goes as follows;

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.  Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

So many connected ideas that flow one into the other. While it is a lot harder to truthfully isolate intangible notions such as values and beliefs without it becoming a contrived (and possibly inaccurate) process, it is much easier to isolate your habits. If habits are beliefs converted to action, creating new habits or conquering old ones, are in essence, altering the beliefs that either move you forward or hold you back, one small action at a time.

The idea for setting out and tracking 7 daily habits in the weekly dashboard, emerged from this basic desire to challenge myself every day, to consistently show up and be accountable to those behaviors that I know will benefit me in the long run.  These range from flossing my teeth twice a day, doing my daily meditation, making a cup of tea for my wife in the evenings, doing one random act of kindness a day, WhatsApping my parents who live 10,000 miles away from me and other such seemingly innocuous activities.

Of all the varied elements within the purpose planner, checking off my completed daily habits has proved to be one of the most powerful ways to maintain my balance, measure personal growth and inform myself that I am building positive behaviors and caring for those around me as well as myself.