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Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner
Purpose Planner

Purpose Planner

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Built on coaching principles, it will help you establish your purpose, manage your schedule, set and track your targets, keep your notes, build good habits, read more, do more of what excites you and prioritize action holistically across your work, home, relationships, health and passion projects.

  • Undated 6-month Productivity Planner. Optimize your Monthly, Weekly and Daily Productivity for 2019-2020. Uniquely structured planner and notebook designed to balance the big dreams with everyday tasks and empower you to take ownership of your work, home, relationships, passion projects, health and habits.
  • Unique Life & Goal Planning System designed to fast track achievement and manage the day-to-day. Effectively used by Professionals & Entrepreneurs to facilitate performance & business growth, Moms & Dads to juggle tasks easily, Students for academic calendar school planning, Artists for schedule management, and more.
  • 7.75” x 9.75” (B5) Notebook Organizer Journal. Leather-finished hard & softcover options. 100GSM ivory, premium no-bleed, no-smudge paper. Includes 2 ribbon bookmarks, elastic book closure, and rounded edges to enable quick access to important pages
  • Additional Features Include; Notes Index to create your own table-of-contents, clear & concise how-to section, 96 supplementary numbered note pages, weekly motivational quotes, roles and goals sections, reading and bucket lists, self-care checklist, productivity tips and more!
  • Map Out the 10,000FT View for High Performing Individuals and easily connect big-picture goal setting to monthly & weekly plans to ensure progression and fast-tracking. Balance your life holistically and strategically with core pillar planning & management. Be the best version of you in your health, personal relationships, family, work and happiness.

Meet the Roterunner® Purpose Planner

Watch the video guide to walk through the concepts, flow, and layout of the Roterunner® Purpose Planner. Intuitive templates ready to stimulate you into action and support you to take control of your time and choices. 

The Notebook

Soft or Hard Cover

Soft or Hard Cover

  • High Quality PU Leather Cover
  • B5 (19x25cm)
  • 2 Ribbon Markers
  • Elastic Band Closure
Environmentally Friendly Paper

Environmentally Friendly Paper

  • 100 Gsm Wood Free Ivory Paper
  • 208 Numbered Pages
  • 96 Dot Grid Note Pages
  • Smoothly Rounded Edges
Inner Pocket & Guides

Inner Pocket & Guides

  • Accordion Pocket (Inside Back Cover)
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Coaching Tips and Guides
  • 6-month non-dated planner

Test drive the Roterunner® Purpose Planner

Download the free PDF templates to experience the Purpose Planner

A Unique System for...

Self-Coaching & Empowerment

Organizing your life holistically and taking ownership for your choices, big and small will instill confidence and empower you to live a more purposeful life.

Goal Setting & Habit Tracking

Setting clear targets and designing a path to get there while building and tracking positive behaviors is the best way to measure personal growth.  

Time Management & Productivity

We are never too busy for what is most important to us. Once priorities are established, managing our time becomes easier and productivity follows.

Friends & Networks

Planning time in your week for catch ups with old friends, a call to someone you love or a meeting with someone new is key to maintaining your balance.

Passion & Purpose

What are your side projects? What are you doing that brings out the kid in you or gets you excited? Finding time in your week to do those things enriches and fulfills us.

Self-Care & Mindfulness

We have one life and one body. Planning your self-care routine, from food to fitness will help to align your mind and body, reduce distraction and help with being present in the moment.

7 Steps to Purpose Planning

Establish your Roles & Goals

Establish your purpose, not just for work but across all streams of your life. By giving each role you play a title (parent, entrepreneur, career role, mentor, etc), and setting actionable goals against each role, you define your priorities and set out the actions and reasons to focus on what you care about the most.

Prepare your Reading & Bucket Lists

Saying you’re going to “read more” and “do more exciting stuff” and actually getting around to doing it are two separate things. If you set out your reading and rewards in advance you are much more likely to find and plan the time to make it happen.

Setup the Year in View

Use the non-dated Annual Overview spread to create a bird’s eye view of the year ahead. You can use the Annual Overview to set out birthdays, public holidays, upcoming travel or vacation plans.

Plan your Month

6 monthly spreads provide a holistic view of your monthly goals, schedules and reflections. Connect your roles and goals to the projects and priorities that will define your month, pencil in your travel and meeting schedules and acknowledge your wins, learning, memories and affirmations that keep you motivated and focused.

Prioritize your Week

Offering compartmentalised spaces for tasks and priorities, appointments and schedules, food and fitness, daily habit and sleep tracking, shopping and “not-to-do” lists, the weekly dashboards form the beating heart of the Purpose Planner. Planning your week in this manner does away with catch-all daily lists and gives you so much more scope and scale to visualise what to focus on.

Capture Free-Form Notes

Each weekly spread is followed up with two numbered blank dot grid pages to capture your notes, drawings or writing for that week. Offering a blend of both structured planning templates and free form note pages, the Purpose Planner also includes an additional 36 blank pages at the back of the notebook to supplement the 60 note pages within the planning sections.

Self-Care Check-In

The self-care checklist located on the last page of the notebook, is an important check-in point at least once a month. Questions that ask simple truths about where you are physically, emotionally and mentally. We recommend using a pencil, so you can easily update the list whenever you come back to it.

By recording your dreams and goals on paper,
You set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.

- Mark Victor Hansen

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