A Diary by Default

A Diary by Default

Having never kept a physical diary, this aspect of the notebook was not really something that ever occurred to me when I was designing the planner. However, having consistently planned and structured my time on a monthly and weekly basis I now had (by default) a clearly set out diary of events over the past 6 months. I could flick back to any week or month and immediately be transported back to where I was, what I was doing and more importantly thinking. When I designed the Purpose Planner this was never really a consideration. It just ended up being a bonus by-product of the overall process.

The diary element proved to be a remarkable tool to help me gain perspective on goals that I met and those that I didn’t in the given time frame. Reflecting through my first completed Purpose Planner, I could see where I had got stuck along the way and where those roadblocks had cleared. There were clearly those activities that I actioned easily and those that dragged out over weeks and even months.

Heading into my next 6-month notebook, I had a clearer idea about certain types of tasks that I either avoid or get tripped up on and have started to be more conscious of improving my proactivity and productivity around those tasks.

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